Photoshoots are a magical way to transform yourself into the merperson you've always dreamt of becoming. Celebrating a birthday? Looking for a unique engagement shoot? Have you always wanted to unleash your inner Ariel or King Triton, or do you want the perfect vacation photos to show all your friends and family when you get home? We're here to help you create a completely unique experience tailored specifically to you! All photos delivered via a personalized Dropbox Album.

   All photoshoots include rental of one of our beautiful FinFun Mermaid Tails. We have a wide variety of sizes and colors. Have your own tail? Bring it along! Or, upgrade to a full fluke fabric tail!

Swordfish Full Shoot

Full shoot 30 photos in a FinFun Mermaid Tail


Seahorse Mini Shoot

Mini shoot 10 pictures in a FinFun tail


Additional Person

Each additional person per photoshoot in a fin fun tail.

Adds on 5 extra photos for the Swordfish Full Shoot.

Adds on 2 extra photos for the Seahorse Mini Shoot.

Max 4 people per shoot.

$25 / person

Mermaid Tail Upgrade

Upgrade your tail from a standard Finfun to a larger full fluke tail for a more realistic look in your photos. View available tails and sizes below:

$50 / per tail/ per shoot

Fits Sizes S-M
Fits Sizes S-M
Fits Sizes M-XL
Fits Sizes S-M
Fits Sizes XL-3XL
Fits Sizes S-M
Tropical Leaves 6